Claims Overview

Our sister company Harbor Claims, LLC has an excellent track record for closing claims quickly and fairly.  During the tropical storm Faye, we settled claims in an average of 20 days.  The same held true for the March 2010 northeastern storm in New York.  Most importantly we have a network of more than 200 experienced adjusters ready to respond at a moment’s notice should a storm strike.

Harbor Claims' Commitment to You

Harbor Claims has the mission to provide professional and effective claim service to our policy holders, while operating so as to create a courteous, service oriented, working relationship with our customers to resolve each claim in a timely, equitable manner.

Harbor Claims is committed to standards of performance which meet or exceed legal and ethical responsibilities, and to act in good faith while dealing fairly with the public.

Harbor Claims operates through adherence to the following principles:

  1. All claims will be acknowledged within 24 hours of the receipt of the claim.

  2. Claims evaluations and settlements will be conducted without prejudice and in a prompt and thorough manner.  Each claim will be treated on its individual merits.

  3. Prompt payment of all meritorious and undisputed claims.

  4. A clear and reasonable explanation of our position will be given on all claims closed by denial. Specific reference will be made to the insurance policy, the facts of the claim and applicable law which forms the basis of our denial. 

  5. We will communicate promptly with our customers and will respond to all telephone calls, letters and other correspondence in a timely manner to expedite the settlement of all claims.